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SaaS/tech websites on Notion

This is an updating gallery of SaaS/tech marketing websites and landing pages with effective layouts, engaging copywriting, well-thought out product graphics and lean development.

No crazy animations/interactions that you see on sites like Awwwards or CSS Design Awards.

Currently, we have 429 websites. This website was created by the folks at Sprints

Benefits and Features

Ranked by designers

Each website is graded by professional designers based on aesthetics, functionality, consistency and flow of content

Filtered & Organised

Minimize the time you spend scrolling through bookmarked sites with clear, to-the-point filter/sorting options.

Wide Range of Websites

We collect websites from all across the internet: Product Hunt launches, funding blogs, the design community and many more.

Websites That Actually Work

Overly complex animations and scrolling interactions look cool but don't convert visitors into revenue.

Inspiration for your next project

Looking to rebuild your own website or start a freelance project? Check out our gallery for consistently amazing websites

Submit Your Own

If you'd like to list your own website or a website that you feel lives up to the gallery standards, feel free to throw in links here

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